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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence offering is designed to assist clients operating in complex jurisdictions, to make informed decisions based on a deeper understanding of the political and business context.

We enable senior decision-makers to take appropriate steps to manage risks, whilst maximising commercial opportunities, through early identification and evaluation of reputational, regulatory, and operational risks and the provision of risk mitigation strategies.

Our highly-experienced and multi-lingual in-house team has undertaken assignments in over 100 jurisdictions, and is familiar with the complexities of gathering hard-to-reach information and intelligence in difficult markets.


Background checks on senior employees and new hires

To determine their track record and bring to light any ‘red flags’ that could pose a reputational or regulatory risk to the client.

Due diligence on corporates and individuals

To evaluate the suitability, past performance, exposure and reputation of third parties.

Fraud and corruption investigations

To probe allegations of fraud or involvement in unethical activities involving employees, joint venture partners, or suppliers.

Compliance and sanctions advisory

To identify compliance or sanctions risks and assist clients in extricating themselves from problematic relationships and engagements.

Litigation support

To determine through thorough asset profiling whether a third-party has sufficient recoverable assets to make litigation proceedings against them worthwhile.

Crisis Resolution / Problem Solving

To assist when things go wrong: identifying alternative business partners or suppliers; investigating underlying causes of hostile takeover attempts; probing the reasons for deteriorating government relations.

Competitive intelligence gathering

To assist clients in better understanding their competitors’ strength and weaknesses, business presence, and offerings.

Strategic intelligence gathering

To enable clients to better understand opaque governments and their decision-making apparatus through the analysis and assessment of intelligence relating to public policy and strategy.

How we work

One of the most important aspects of how we operate is the close relationship that we build with our clients, who include: small IOCs and multinational oil companies; global financial institutions; private banks; law firms; other corporates and investors.

Ratherthan a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we assess each unique client request to offer a tailored service in accordance with the level of risk and scrutiny involved in each transaction.

Our experts and sources are carefully recruited — with a priority placed on in-country knowledge and contacts; subject matter expertise; and industry knowledge — and operate at all times under confidentiality agreements and in accordance with local and international laws.

They include former high-ranking diplomats, UN employees, regional heads of multinational corporations, journalists and economists who, in turn, possess strong networks of contacts across government, business, financial and political spheres.

At all times our sources work independently of each other and are not informed of the client’s identity.




Following detailed discussions with the client and preliminary open source research, the team draws up a tailored scope of work outlining the requirement, methodology, source access and deliverables for the engagement. We provide source transparency through detailed descriptions of the individuals that we intend to consult.


Intelligence gathering

In accordance with the requirements agreed with the client, our in-house team undertakes extensive open source research through a variety of proprietary databases, public registers and sanction lists. We also deploy experts and sources from within our global network to conduct any necessary discreet enquiries on the ground with their contacts within business, political, finance and government spheres.


Analysis & Triangulation

Open source information and source findings are assessed in-house to identify potential gaps or areas for further exploration. The intelligence is also triangulated in order to corroborate information through a variety of sources. Preliminary findings are then discussed with the client.



Our findings are presented to the client in a concise and contextual manner. Intelligence is clearly attributed to each source and – where necessary – weighted to reflect its reliability. If appropriate, we include pragmatic conclusions and recommendations that highlight the implications of the information identified during our research. We then advise clients on risk mitigation strategies and/or areas that require further investigation.