Podcast: Will the Sahel become ‘Africa’s Afghanistan’?

This recording is from “Will the Sahel become ‘Africa’s Afghanistan’?” which was an hour long webinar by Prof Jeremy Keenan held on 21 July 2021 which was co-hosted by Alaco.

Will the Sahel become ‘Africa’s Afghanistan’?

Some of the areas the talk addressed, were:

  • Domestic politics – Mali, Niger, Chad
  • The jihadist groups
  • France’s role and possible disengagement
  • The wider region and geopolitics
  • Future scenarios


Prof. Jeremy Keenan is a recognised world expert on the Sahara-Sahel where he began his studies in 1964. Jeremy now has 10 books and over 350 publications to his name. He is also the author of Menas Associates’ Sahara Focus monthly. He regularly briefs the British and US governments, the EU, UN, NATO, as well as international agencies and numerous media organisations (BBC, RFI, France24, VOA, Reuters, etc.) on these issues.