Podcast: South Korea’s election – all change or more of the same?

This recording is from “South Korea’s election: all change or more of the same?” which was an hour long webinar by Dr Edward Howell and Brandon Bae held on 16 March 2022.

South Korea’s election: all change or more of the same?

Some of the areas the talk addressed, were:

  • Who is South Korea’s new President? What are his key policies? Can he deliver?
  • How will Seoul balance the competing demands of Washington and Beijing?
  • Can inter-Korean relations recover from their three-year freeze?
  • Is there any hope of better ROK-Japan relations? What would that take?
  • What supply chain issues does Seoul face? How will it tackle them?
  • Can South Korea find new long-term growth engines?
  • How serious a threat is North Korea and to whom? What if anything can be done?
  • What is Kim Jong-un’s game? Might Biden, or a returning Trump, agree to talks?


Dr Edward Howell is a Lecturer in Politics at New College, University of Oxford. His research focuses on the international relations of East Asia; North Korea’s domestic, foreign, and nuclear policies; US-DPRK and US-ROK relations; and the politics of the Korean Peninsula (North and South Korea). Edward is a contributing writer for The Economist Intelligence Unit, and frequently offers analysis to media outlets, including NKNews and NKPro, The Spectator, The Diplomat, as well as The Daily Telegraph. He also engages actively in academia-policy dialogue.

Brandon Bae is a Senior Associate in Eversheds Sutherland’s Asia corporate team with particular focus on Korean clients and business. Prior to joining its international M&A team in Hong Kong, he practised in Seoul for more than 8 years with leading Korean firm Kim & Chang.