Podcast: A China-Russia Alliance in the Eurasian Arctic?

This recording is from “A China-Russia Alliance in the Eurasian Arctic?” which was an hour long webinar by Tim Reilly held on 16 February 2022.

A China-Russia Alliance in the Eurasian Arctic?

Some of the areas the talk addressed, were:

  • Sino-Russian (SR) relations in the Eurasian Arctic: Partnership or Alliance?
  • S-R Strategy & Methodology in the Arctic region: Strategic Implications.
  • Geo-economic Cooperation in the Pacific Arctic: from Globalisation to Regionalisation
  • Cooperation in LNG and Gas Markets in NE Asia; a Gas OPEC?
  • Global Economic influences: Technology, IPE, BRI, pivot to Asia, Institutions & Governance
  • Technology: competition for Space, and link with NSR and China’s BRI. Virtual linkage, technological connectivity, and global governance.
  • An Alliance? S-R de-couple from the West. The Critical pivotal moment(s)? 


Tim Reilly – Arctic Advisory Group

Tim’s PhD from the Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, addressed the geoeconomics and energy relations between Russia and China in the Eurasian Arctic. He is the founder of the UK-based Arctic Advisory Group consultancy firm. Previous career appointments include Government Affairs Adviser to Shell Gas & Power in Russia/Ukraine, as well as working in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, and Ukraine, for companies such as Chevron and JKX Oil & Gas. His first experience of the Arctic was as a young paratroop officer in the 1980s where he was an instructor in Arctic warfare. 

Tim is a Russian speaker and was educated at Cambridge and the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Since the 1990s he has lived extensively in the CIS. He was an expert witness to both the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee on the Arctic, and more recently, the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic. Tim has authored various UK Arctic position/policy papers for the UK government. He currently advises, and is the creator of various recent Arctic scenarios/position papers, for HMG.