America Divided – The US Mid-Term Elections

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Date: Wednesday 2 November 2022

Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Date: Wednesday 2 November | Location: Online Webinar | Time: 14:00 – 15:00 (UTC)

Co-host: Strategic Insight Group

The US mid-term elections on 8 November — when a third of the Senate and all of the House will be in play — are widely expected to result in one or both houses of Congress being dominated by the Republican party. President Joe Biden’s massive Inflation Reduction Act — a sprawling bill covering climate change, healthcare and changes in corporate taxation — was a big but rare White House victory but it only passed by one Senate vote and 13 votes in the House. The Administration’s other major first-term victory — August 2022’s CHIPS and Science Act — was built upon the lone bipartisan agreement subject of countering China. The US therefore seems set for a legislative log-jam — or open warfare between Congress and the White House — after the midterms.

The webinar will cover:

  • The likely configuration of the new Congress
  • The main near-term economic implications of the elections
  • Whether it will transform American democracy in the last two years of Biden’s presidential term
  • Whether the relatively bipartisan agreement on China policy will hold
  • Will both parties continue their late-boomer trajectories, or will younger politicians emerge after the midterms?


Hugo Gurdon is: editor-in-chief of the Washington Examiner; former editor-in-chief of The Hill; managing editor of Canada’s National Post; and 15 year veteran Daily Telegraph reporter including three years as Washington Bureau Chief.

James Ledbetter is New York’s Observer executive editor; editor and publisher of the FIN newsletter on the fintech revolution; former editor of Inc; and former chief content officer at Sequoia Capital.

The discussion will be moderated by Strategic Insight Group’s Scott Malcomson.