US politics, civil rights, and economy in an election year

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Date: Wednesday 17 June 2020

Time: 13:45 - 15:00

President Donald Trump is seeking re-election in November 2020. His Administration is currently facing three simultaneous but related crises: the COVID-19 pandemic which has already killed over 100,000 Americans;  the resultant economic meltdown which has resulted in over 15% unemployment; and now the escalating nationwide protests following the televised killing of George Floyd by a policeman. Under such unprecedented circumstances, will President Donald Trump — who is often underestimated by the foreign media — be re-elected and what implications will it have for US domestic politics, foreign policy, and its economy?

This breakfast briefing will address:

  • The current political, social and economic situation
  • The presidential election campaign
  • A Trump second term – domestic, foreign and economic implications?
  • A Biden victory – return to the status quo ante?


Hugo Gurdon is the editor-in-chief of the Washington Examiner. Previous positions have included: editor-in-chief of The Hill (2003-2014); managing editor of the National Post of Canada (1999-2002); the Daily Telegraph’s Washington Bureau chief (1997-1999) and its foreign correspondent (1987-1999).