Does the future of globalisation depend on China?

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Date: Friday 28 April 2017

Time: 08:00 - 10:00

The China Policy speakers will analyse how President Xi Jinping will use this autumn’s 19th Party Congress to further consolidate his power. It will look at what that means for: the progress of the domestic reform programme; tackling major economic and social issues; and for a more assertive role in global affairs in light of recent developments in both the US and Europe.

The presentation will cover the following areas:

  • Xi Jinping will take a major step in consolidating his power at the 19th Party Congress - and he needs to, as economic clouds gather.
  • The progress of key reforms will always come second to maintaining social and political stability; rhetoric about 'supply side reform' will therefore run ahead of bellwether reforms in areas such as the state owned enterprises, debt management and local government financing.
  • It is important to realise that the Belt and Road Initiative is a domestic policy, although with geostrategic consequences.
  • There are some black, or at least grey, swans in China's foreign relations that could affect investors in the coming 12 months: the Trump factor, Brexit, North Korea and the greyest, the environment.


Charles Parton spent 22 of 37 years as a diplomat, first for the British Government and latterly for the EU working in or on China. He has had postings in the British Embassy in Beijing working on trade and economic matters, in Hong Kong in the team negotiating the 1997 handover, and in the EU Delegation in Beijing as its expert on the domestic politics of China. He speaks and reads Chinese fluently. Other postings have included Afghanistan, Cyprus, Libya and temporary duty in Mali. He is now based in London working with China Policy and Menas Associates.

Philippa Jones served as trade policy specialist at the Australian Embassy, Beijing From 1999-2004 and then worked as a senior advisor on trade policy issues with China for the European Commission between 2004 and 2009. She is now managing director of Beijing-based research and advisory company, China Policy. Philippa’s areas of expertise focus on agriculture, food safety and food security, serving as an expert witness in several agricultural trade cases.

In addition to a sectoral focus on agriculture, she advises clients with long-term broad-picture interest in the China market and the policy landscape. Tracking and analysing the Chinese language policy discussion across key economic and governance portfolios, her teams clarify the frames of reference shaping policy decisions.

Ms. Jones holds an honours degree in Chinese and economics from the University of Oxford.

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