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Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2019 Back to articles

Jeremy Keenan, Menas’ Sahel expert, recently spoke at the ISOA-SCEG Stabilization and Security Conference on the political and security risks in the Sahel.

From Mauritania to Sudan, Algeria to Burkina Faso, the vast Sahel covers an area that is almost as large as Europe or the US’ Lower 48 states. Historically the region has received little attention and minimal investment. But — with its oil, gas and gold reserves; and its porous borders and smuggling routes — the Sahel is fast becoming a new regional and international geopolitical and economic battleground.

Key discussion areas:

  • The Sahel’s state and non-state actors
  • Illicit local economies and the stability paradox: stability from instability
  • Geopolitics in the Sahel: multilateral initiatives, bilateral players and economic stakeholder
  • Future opportunities for growth: the oil and gas sector; gold mining; solar power

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